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From: Jimmy Chen <jimmy-chen_at_nyc.rr.antispam>
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 19:53:59 GMT

> I'm sending a registered letter to their CEO, along with cc's to their
> chief technology officer and board of directors chairman. Like I said,
> it won't do anything in the short term, but maybe they'll think twice
> about doing it again. I may also send letters to their clients--this IP
> I just got probed from was from Cable & Wireless on the Internap
> Network.

Before you go off on the deep end and start filing suits, complains to FCC and all the other channals ... Please do find out what they do first ... No, they are NOT trying to hack into your small computer system when their 700+ customers pay them on an avg of 15K/mo and that list includes companies like Microsoft, Intel, Apple, major brokage firms, stock exchanges and NorthPoint just to name a few.

To summarize: they ARE your IISP, or Internet Infrastructure Service Provider. Or in lame man's terms, they are the company that develops routing methods which allows your pocket to be delivered from east to west in the matter of <50ms instead of your typical 150ms from anywhere within USA.

Why are they probing your port 80 from different IPs? As the letter explained, they are in the process of developing their 2nd generation routing sw so your pockets can reach from one end to the other even faster then they current method. No, they are NOT trying to hack into your computer or whatsoever. Why must they probe your computer, or anyone else's for that matter? How else do you suppose they are going to gather any performance data w/o probing something from end to end by doing random probing from any IP to any IP?

Hope this helps you that understand from a POV that "not everyone that probes you is a hacker".

jc Received on Sat Feb 03 2001 - 15:36:49 PST

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