Beware of "free" GATTACA Sunglasses!

From: J B <>
Date: 7 Jul 2004 12:22:39 -0700

The "free" GATTACA sunglasses ( that are advertised in so-called "high-end magazines" are a scam. The sunglasses are of pitifully poor quality, made from cheap plastic and utterly useless. They have been in this business of fraud for over 5 years - do they sell at regular retail price at all, I wonder?

From: ( Subject: Re: Gattaca sunglasses ad in Bicycling mag? Newsgroups:
Date: 2000/06/08  

Get ready for the sucker catagory.
I got some can I say this.... they are like looking through very dirty glass. The plastic isn't worth the few cents it costs them to make them. Shipping/handling...yea! right! Welcome to the club!
Regards! Carbon Man

From: Frank Berardi ( Subject: Re: Gattaca Sightware as seen in Cycle World June 2000 View: Complete Thread (3 articles)
Newsgroups:, alt.motorcycle, Date: 2000-08-28 23:04:52 PST  

I have seen them and they are purely crap. I was actually stupid enough
to purchase a pair and I have seen better quality goods come from

gumball machines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frank B.

Duane Schell wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone has any information about Gatacca Sightware
> ( They ran an advertisement in the June 2000 issue of
> World. They are selling what they claim to be expensive sunglasses
for a
> very small amount of money. Wondering if this is a scam or legit. I
only ask
> this in these newsgroups because you are the ones most likely to have
> Cycle World!
> Thanks!
> Duane Schell
> Springfield, VA, USA

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